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A bird on a branch contemplating autumn leaves - or do you see something more?

Is it rotating?

Are the lines parallel? Are all the squares the same size?

Do you see a boy in a field with sheep and houses in the background - or do you see a man with a grey moustache?

Look at the picture above, and you will notice that the image inside the circle appears to “shimmer” - almost vibrate within the total image.

Which end of the inside rectangle is darker?

Look at the picture above, and then move up and down a bit, or maybe just try squinting and moving your head a bit. The middle square moves independently from its surroundings.

The “pulsating dot optical illusion.” Simply look at the image and it will seem as if it’s pulsating.

Which of these two squares is the darkest?

Do you see two perfectly round circles?

Are the black lines in line? … or do they appear to be separate lines?

Which tree is the darkest green?

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